The 3 Best Things To Do When Selling Your House

The 3 Best Things To Do When Selling Your House

As a RE/MAX Real Estate Agent, I can absolutely share with you the 3 top and best things to do before listing / selling your house and I would like to share with you.

Get Your Homes Value


I love color and so do a lot of people but when you are working with buyers that will be walking through your home for sale, you have to consider, they may be looking at new construction as well. What do you see when you look at new construction? NATURAL!. Most all the rooms are painted the same color for a consistent flow of the home as well as even carpet choice. Here we will only address paint colors.

Do not know where to start. Go to Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore stores and website and visit resources that show you some of the most popular interior choices for the year you are considering listing your property. Painting a room or 2 or even having painters paint your whole home and/or exterior is one of the least expensive thing you can do to get more return on investment at the end of the day. Do be careful though. The wrong color can be a waste of money. If you have any concerns, simply call or email us and we can assist you in your choice of colors.


I do have to admit, I collect things and I would admit that my home has a bit more clutter then it should if I were interested in selling at this time. My husband, who is also a Real Estate agent with RE/MAX, is the best person to assist one in de-cluttering. He has no attachment to your things and knows what needs to be placed in your garage instead of your home, to make your home look as large as it is instead of having the buyers with their buyers agent bumping into things as they preview your home, when it is listed for sale.


This is more my expertise. As a Real Estate agent, when sellers ask me what else they can do for showings I always recommend that they not be present during showings with a buyers agent. This allows the buyers to have a comfortable conversation with their agent and to ask questions for the agent to follow-up on. example, why are they moving? Has there ever been a leak in the basement? Would the sellers include the pool table in the sale? If you are there as a seller while you have buyers walking through, the buyers are first, uncomfortable and 2nd, they remember that and simply want to move on instead of taking in the idea of what it would feel like to live in the home.

One other thing is simply have some soft jazz, country or classical music on using any device that you may have. From a TV music channel in one room to a digital clock to something more sophisticated. Music soothes the soul and you can be a lot of home have no sound which will make your home seem to be alive. Alive with music!


I hope this gives you a few tips on what to do as a seller
to get your home prepared for sale.

We are here to help you with any other questions that you may have rather you choose us or not. We have years of experience in the area of North Atlanta and would gladly answer any Real Estate related questions.